Llloyd Jones on Repentance


"By nature we all think that we are very good and very nice people. We think that God is not really fair to us, that we are having a hard time, and that if only we were given the opportunity, the world would be perfect. But the moment we begin really to know ourselves we begin to say, 'Vile, and full of sin I am! I am all unrighteousness!' 'In me (that is, in my flesh) dwelleth no good thing'. That is how the repentant man speaks. He changes his view of himself. Having admired himself and praised himself , having found no defects in himself, though many, always, in others, he begins to see, as one of the old Puritans, I believe, put it, that he is 'nothing but a mass of corruption', that he is, in other words, a festering sore!  Now that is the language which Scripture itself uses with respect to man in sin, and it is a tremendous thing when we begin to get this new view of ourselves, when we no longer say, 'God is not fair to us!' What amazes us, now, is how God tolerates us at all! We no longer feel that we have any claim on His love and we are reduced to tears when we realize that, in spite of our being what we are, and God being what He is, He nevertheless has had mercy and compassion, and there is such a thing as grace. That is repentance!" - Martyn Lloyd Jones preaching on Romans 2:4-5

I love how MLJ had such a way in his preaching where you felt so convicted yet so loved by God in the same moment. This is Christ-centered, Spirit empowered preaching.

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