Helpful Links


Here are a couple things that I found helpful this week:


Thomas D. Hawkes has an article on 3 dangers that church planters face. These 3 dangers are a leadership problem, an emotional problem, and an outreach problem. This was very helpful to be aware of these pitfalls. My favorite part was his encouragement at the end of his article he says, "As we face challenges in church planting, we can live in the assurance that as we turn to God and his Word, we will find both direction and courage to plant churches by the means he has ordained."

This article by Jim Fowler of Doctrine and Devotion gives some advice to search committees and a pastoral candidates in order to avoid conflicts, ministry stall, hurt, and splits. He says, "I believe search committees and candidates need to do a better job on the front end being open and honest with each other on where they are at theologically, and what their plans and expectations are for the church."

My friend, Chris Werms, has been blogging on the book of Ruth. Check out his whole series! In his latest post on Ruth 1:24 he writes, "Our God is the God of new creation; no matter how far back we’ve gone, his grace is sufficient for new life. Ruth and Naomi learn this early in their story."

If you're a complete nerd and wear a Star Wars backpack to work also check out Chris' other blog First Order of Business.


I would love to hear what you have been reading lately. Please comment below or send me a message.