Voices From The Past, Vol. 2

Richard Rushing has done it again with Voices from the Past, Volume 2: Puritan Devotional Readings. I have had Volume 1 for the last three years and it has been my go to daily devotional. If you have a deep desire to grow in holiness, I recommend that you pick up this book! You will be encouraged and challenged. When I heard that Banner of Truth was going to release a Volume 2, I was so excited. Rushing states in the preface,

“In reading these selections, if you find yourself with a desire to be more holy, to trust more, to pray more, to worship more, then you have received a touch of the puritan ‘fire’.”

This is exactly what results in reading this! In Volume 2 the authors range from: John Owen, Stephen Charnock, Thomas Manton, David Clarkson, Thomas Brooks, John Bunyan, and Jonathan Edwards, and others.

The layout of this book is perfect for a daily devotional. Each day is condensed into one page and includes a Scripture verse, an extract from a puritan work, and the reference to the author and work.

Whether you have 15 minutes to a couple hours for your devotional time this book will help you immensely. These devotionals leave you thinking about these deep theological truths of God throughout the day.

Drop everything you are doing right now and go get Volume 1and Volume 2.

The construction of these types of books is important as well. I don’t want a devotional that is constructed poorly because it will eventually fall apart. A lot of Banner books are printed and constructed at Versa Press in East Peoria, IL. When I see a book that is printed there, I know I am getting great quality. I know this because I have put my Volume 1 through the ringer. It was on the mission field with me for 2 years in all the humidity and traveling and still is in great condition.

Pic of my volume 1

You can get this volume from Amazon for a great price. Also grab Volume 1as well.