Helpful Links 4.10.2017


Owen Strachan has an article up on For The Church entitled Why Artists Need Theology. Strachan explains that we often get the relationship between art and theology mixed up. One of my favorite parts is when he writes, "There is no separate Christian faith for artists. There is no distinct Bible version, edited of controversial truths, for musicians. If the holy Scripture can inspire some of the historic accomplishments of Western culture—whether those of Bach or Durer or Lewis or Eliot or many others—then it can do so in our time."

Here is a post/testimony from Pastor Pat Aldridge on discipleship in public. He says, "As we do this in public, we leave room for God to work in the people who may be around."

Joe Thorn wrote a very challenging article called Black, No Sugar on stretching ourselves to read and study more broadly (with discernment) in order to strengthen and develop our faith. He says, "Most of us would benefit from studying areas long neglected where we cannot rest on our accumulated knowledge of familiar topics to make ourselves feel at ease."

Speaking of black, no sugar I have grown very fond of Ruby Coffee Roasters out of Nelsonville, Wisconsin. Currently, I am brewing their Colombia Irene Burbano.

Here is a link to the New City Catechism website. This is a helpful devotional tool for yourself and your family. It lays out 52 questions and answers related to God, human nature, sin, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and more. There is also an amazing iPhone and Android app. Currently, my wife and I are going through this together. If you are like me and prefer a real book, Crossway has published the Catechism and a Devotional Catechism that you can purchase through Amazon.

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