The Gospel For Life Series


The Gospel For Life series seeks to take the Gospel and apply it to many different aspects of our life (book titles). The books are very short and to the point. All the topics that they cover are issues facing the church today. We should have a response to them, and this resource helps us do just that!

What is my favorite thing about this series?

It's easy today to find books on specific topics, but a lot of them are really a certain person's personal opinion. These books are just the opposite. They present and address the issues with a biblical worldview. Instead of hearing a certain pastor's opinion you hear what God has to say about the topic. They are truly trustworthy resources. The thing that I love about Dr. Moore is that he and his team are not only addressing these cultural issues head on but that they are doing it in a way that is rooted in Scripture and seasoned with the grace of Christ.

Who should read this series?

I would basically recommend this series to any Christian. It will be a great resource for the church as they lead their congregations through difficult topics and issues that we face in our culture today. It would also be a great group study resource.


This series is edited by Dr. Russell Moore and Andrew Walker and features contributors such as John Piper, Albert Mohler, Matt Chandler, Eric Mason, D.A Horton, and many more.

You can purchase this series through B&H Publishing or through Amazon.