Friday Links 8.24.2017


I have a bean ...

It's been a while since I've shared a coffee that I liked. A couple days ago I popped into I Have A Bean's roastery to see what they were about. The second I opened the door, the sweet smell of roasting coffee hit me, and it wasn't the horrid smell of badly burnt beans. I purchased the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Adado Shara Natural since I prefer fruity notes. Give them a try!

What book should I start with?

Here's an article from The Gospel Coalition's Preacher's Toolkit titled What Book Do I Preach First? by Sean Michael Lucas. I've always thought about what book of the Bible I would preach from if I planted a church. In this article, Lucas describes the three pre-commitments that he received from the congregation and how he decided to preach in Galatians.

The Art of Preaching

Here is an incredible lecture from Mark Dever on the art of preaching. This is a must watch!




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