Premium Bibles: ESV


The ESV translation is my preferred translation of the Bible. It is more of a literal word-for-word translation that maintains clarity and readability. Here is a short review of my favorite higher end ESV Bibles produced by Crossway.

Heirloom Single Column Legacy - Crossway, ESV

The reason I like the Single Column Legacy is because of two things: the amazing quality and the single column format. These Bibles are printed by Jongbloed who are located in the Netherlands and are widely regarded as the producers of the finest Bibles in the world. The single column format rather than the double column is an easier read and gives room for me to take notes in the margins. These Bibles come in a high-quality goatskin leather that is very rugged and durable (and also smells great). There's a lot more you can read about the Legacy here.


You can purchase the Legacy here.

Omega Thinline Reference - Crossway, ESV

The Omega Thinline Reference is also printed by Jongbloed and is only available in goatskin. This Bible has double columns, but the thing I love about it is the font size. This is my preferred preaching Bible due to the larger print. This Bible is thin and has really helpful cross-references located at the bottom right of each page. Again the goatskin leather is very durable and feels great in your hands. I prefer the deep brown color (which is hard to find now).


You can purchase the Omega Thinline Reference here.

Reader's Bible, Six Volume Set - Crossway, ESV

Crossway has done an excellent job at creating an incredible reading experience with the Six-Volume Reader's Bible. The volume divisions are: Pentateuch, Historical Books, Poetry, Prophets, Gospels & Acts, and Epistles & Revelation. They have removed the verse numbers, chapter numbers, and footnotes which allows the reader to read a section without distraction. I personally feel that I read more without them. While reading the Old Testament or the Gospels the format tends to keep you locked into the story. The pastoral letters to the church tend to read and feel more like letters.

I have been reading the Reader's Bible at home since I got it in December of last year and I tend to read a lot more than I normally would just because the layout makes for a better reading experience and less distraction.


You can purchase the Reader's Six Volume set here.

Check out this short video explaining the heart behind the ESV.