ESV Illuminated Bible - Art Journaling Edition


Crossway is known for publishing beautifully designed Bibles and the ESV Illuminated Bible - Art Journaling Edition is such a perfect example of that. While other Bible publishers tend to just release products to catch up with the market, you can tell that Crossway takes their time in producing something that is aesthetically pleasing, distraction free, and easy to read. The work done on this specific Bible is above and beyond. Crossway hired renowned artist Dana Tanamachi to design over 500 hand-lettered gold ink illustrations. Below is a video explaining the design process. Click on the links below to get one.

They did not skimp out on the paper used, this Bible comes with a nice thick cream colored paper. It also is a single column format with very wide margins which are perfect for making notes or even drawing next to the text. The whole purpose of this Bible is for the reader to engage with the text in a creative way.