The Preacher's Catechism


Crossway has just released The Preacher's Catechism by Lewis Allen. In short catechism style statements this book helps remind the weary pastor that God is his strength in his weakness and will extend grace in times when the preaching goes wrong. It will bring about humility in the heart of the prideful preacher reminding him that success in preaching does not depend on human ability but only through God’s Word and Spirit. The Preacher’s Catechism will remind all those who teach and preach publicly that they need to keep their head and heart filled with the captivating truths of the Gospel.


This book is unique since it is a catechism for preachers. It reminds pastors that their identity is not in the fact that they are a preacher, but that they are adopted sons of God. Being a preacher is secondary. 


You can purchase this set from Amazon for a great price.

Tony Doppke